Robert Perry Takes Helm at STC Carolina Chapter

Robert Perry is off and running as the new chapter president of the Carolina Chapter of STC (Society for Technical Communication). I first caught up with him, after not having seen him for the past few years, at the Mez restaurant in Durham, despite the torrential rain that evening. He is always in motion, as evidenced by his blurry appearance in the photos in this post. He talked with those of us who braved the elements (and miraculously found parking in a very popular restaurant). The evening was social, but there was plenty to talk about. A few new faces and some familiar ones, too, were present. (There were at least two past presidents at the table.) The food was delicious and the service was great. While the nominal agenda was a recap of the latest STC Summit, I think we talked more about a range of other topics. Many of us come from different backgrounds and are working in truly interesting places.

Carolina Chapter members socializing at the Mez restaurant

Not long after, Robert had what the chapter calls ‘Vision Day’ — but it was really just an hour or two meeting that summarized the events for the coming year and gave everyone a chance to brainstorm some new ideas. Several meeting topics were proposed, but the one that drew the most discussion was about technical communicators are working in Agile teams (in software development groups).

Robert Perry and the energized Carolina Chapter members

I think Robert will do fine this year as president of the chapter.

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  1. Robert Perry says:

    Be on the look out for a Program Meeting on Agile in Sept and a workshop at NetApp in early October! Details to come.

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