What better way to spend a lunch during the work week than at a fancy restaurant with colleagues who you respect and who respect you. TimelyText hosted a luncheon at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse that was well attended and quite enjoyable. Between the delicious meal and the good conversation, I can’t think of a better boost to my day. TimelyText knows there are things that technical writers and instructional designers value highly, and recognition and respect are two of them. Having a meal at Fleming’s was a great experience.
TimelyText luncheon at Flemings Steakhouse
Ronnie Duncan recognized Chuck Arnold who was one of their original contract tech writers. The TimelyText staff were present and were so nice – Kai Heath did a great job of MC-ing. Everyone received a container of M&Ms (with TimelyText printed on them) just for the fun of it. (You can never go wrong with giving chocolate.)
TimelyText M&Ms
There was just an air of feeling valued by a leading provider of communication professionals. I was glad I sat at a table with Adrian West and fellow writers (and a project manager) that offered some fun conversation while eating together. It was fun to recognize that there are many of us experienced professionals in similar situations, whether working for big companies or small companies, that involve developing and maximizing the flow of accurate and relevant information with a limited budget. Even with new tools and dynamic processes, the value of the experienced professional cannot be underestimated.

Keep up the great work, TimelyText.

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  1. Bill,

    Thank you so very much for attending and for your kind words about TimelyText. We are blessed to have so many great relationships with true professionals (like you) in the communications field.

    Thank you!


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