Making Sense of the User Experience Process

You wouldn’t think that an event on a Thursday night would be so fun and exciting, but when you bring together about 45 professionals who share a common interest and you give the evening a tone of being an event with just a little structure, you get some pretty playful results. Not always a social group of talented individuals, user experience professionals are a mix of introverts and extroverts, a veritable alphabet soup of Myers-Briggs conclusions. And yet a bunch of them came to Citrix in downtown Raleigh for an evening of lightning talks – with each speaker given only 5 minutes to talk with their automatically advancing slides displaying on the wall behind them. It was a fun time – with different ideas, different tones, and a range of personalities.

The evening was possible because of the collaboration of two groups, a joint venture of sorts, between a Explore UX Raleigh Edition (a Meetup) and TriUXPA (Triangle chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association). (We just need to come up with a more pronounceable acronym.) I could write for pages about all the insights shared, but I’ll wait until the slides are published. I might also have some more photos to post, but we’ll start with these two – the Citrix building in downtown Raleigh and the group assembling in the presentation area.

UX Lightning Talks ala Bill Albing

There was a diversity of people and talents and yet a common thread of the value of the user experience. It’s not just that we have skills related to designing the user experience or that we know how to understand or construct or promote or change the user experience. It’s that we value the user experience. Just as a developer can place value in the closeness of the code to the required or desired function, we value, as user experience professionals, how the product or service is perceived and used and experienced. It was fun to be there and talk with such insightful and motivated professionals.

Thanks to Michelle Chin for organizing and MC-ing the event. Thanks to the gang at Citrix for hosting the event and the TriUXPA for providing food and drink. Awesome. I guess the next thing we’ll work together on is the Tiny GIANT (Raleigh, NC) coming at the top of 2016.

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