Collaborative Information Architecture

Thanks to Abby Covert (by way of UIE Webinar), I had a chance to reflect on my own effort as an Information Architect. Beth Fowler and the TriUXPA gang that brought us the webinar at TEKSystems this past week were very gracious and open. The pizza wasn’t the best, but the conversation and the presentation made up for it. Abby’s talk was titled “Collaborative Information Architecture” which should be redundant but we all need reminding that working with information in the corporate enterprise is truly collaborative and succeeds when all the stakeholders get to express what’s important. Words are important; concepts are crucial. I know “Information Architecture” is bit of an inflated title – we’re not really architects who stay above the fray and hand out blueprints to the more down-to-earth construction team. We are involved with the “construction” as much as any other. But it was fun to take an hour or more to listen to someone talk about how she approaches information in the enterprise and how she handles team collaboration at dealing with issues. She covered a range of topics and never got too deep or too abstract.

TriUXPA at TEKSystems

I need to take the time to write down some of my insights but for now I will just record that the webinar was well attended – over 20 of us there – and that I got some good ideas out of it.

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