Documentation GO

It should be obvious by now that the use of augmented (digital) reality is mainstream (with the universality of Pokemon GO, for example) but there is more than the display technology that should point the way to effective ways to publish information for users. Those of us who still develop, publish, and maintain content (what we used to call ‘documentation’) certainly know that we have to keep up with the latest ways of using the Internet technology (if not the Internet itself) for distributing information in a collaborative way in the corporate enterprise. First there is the fact that professionals of this generation (millenials, generation X-ers, etc.) always have their digital device (is it still called a phone?) with them at all times, so it’s not a question of whether to publish for mobile reading – this is a fact of life. Second, to gamify the information, or at least the hunt for the information (lures and all) should be part of the strategy to keep readers engaged and to only provide what they need when they need it. As Brendan Keogh’s article reminded me, third, there is the sense of familiarity or trust with the brand that allows the user to be comfortable with the interface. Documentation has come a long way and maybe has yet a far way to go.

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