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Augmented Recognition

At tonight’s TriUXPA meeting, Mona Singh did a great job of giving us some perspective on the emerging technologies that are called “Augmented Reality”. She showed us some apps on her smart phone and let us all see some small … Continue reading

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Designing is Getting Touchy

Introduction Last Thursday, I joined other local TriUPA members and listened to Josh Clark‘s webinar titled “Buttons are a Hack”. He ostensibly was trying to get us to do more with gestures and less with traditional windows controls, menus, and … Continue reading

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Authenticate This

It is becoming apparent what the next step for smart phone development will be. And I don’t mean making them smaller; they’re small enough. They now have a GPS (for locating), a camera (for taking pictures), a mirror (if you … Continue reading

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Top 10 Disruptions (NOT Trends)

The recent technological advances are not “emerging”, and they are not a “tectonic shift”. If we are going to use biological or geological metaphors, then they are “exploding”; they are “an earthquake”; they are disruptive and they are forcing a … Continue reading

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Disruption is the New Trend

The webcast on Scriptorium, Trends in Technical Communication, 2011 by Sarah O’Keefe of Scriptorium and Nicky Bleiel of ComponentOne is a great discussion starter. They were all over the place with ideas about what’s happening in the workplace. Here is … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Although it is a little early to talk about Spring, its not too early to talk about cleaning, as in cleaning out the old stuff and making room for new stuff or just making room for its own sake. You … Continue reading

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Ideas for Future Blog Posts

I have several ideas swirling but none are complete enough to write a decent blog post on their own with thorough enough treatment, so I offer an abbreviated mention of these ideas with the hope that in the next little … Continue reading

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Publishing and Communication

My brother emailed me about the upcoming O’Reilly conference (Publishing without Boundaries: What’s on the O’Reilly Radar for the Future of Publishing, presented by: Andrew Savikas, VP of Digital Initiatives, O’Reilly Media. My response: You might not know this but … Continue reading

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Heart of Technical Communication

Tools and trends in information technology are changing the way we communicate and, at the same time, the way we communicate is transforming the technological arena in which we work. Technical communicators are at the heart of these trends and … Continue reading

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