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Documentation GO

It should be obvious by now that the use of augmented (digital) reality is mainstream (with the universality of Pokemon GO, for example) but there is more than the display technology that should point the way to effective ways to … Continue reading

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Augmented Recognition

At tonight’s TriUXPA meeting, Mona Singh did a great job of giving us some perspective on the emerging technologies that are called “Augmented Reality”. She showed us some apps on her smart phone and let us all see some small … Continue reading

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Easing – An Essential Skill

The most recent Refresh the Triangle Meetup was insightful, fun, and, well, refreshing. Once Upon a Timeline: HTML5/CSS3 tools for cross-platform interactive animations was an informative presentation with a happy ending. Adam Winsor (illustrator, animator, and visual storyteller) introduced us … Continue reading

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Micro-Momentum and Designing Interaction

At a recent TriUXPA meeting, we listened to a recorded webinar by Stephen Anderson (thanks UIE) about Designing for Micro-moments. One of his themes was that interactions (as in user interaction with a web site or web application) is a … Continue reading

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Interactivity in Instruction

There are some key features to instructional design that are not in, say, documentation or support, and that’s what makes it interesting. I’m not a full-time instructional designer, but I have this idea that there is something fundamental that separates … Continue reading

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Mobile Feast

In keeping with what he has written in Mobile First, Luke Wroblewski, alias @LukeW, presented some great ideas about web interface design. He is a proponent of considering mobile devices and considering them first when designing web sites. At the … Continue reading

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Affordances are not Afterthoughts

When we have a great event, such as the TriUXPA meeting tonight, we realize what great things collaboration can accomplish! Richard Phelps, the president of the chapter; the speakers, Rex Hartson from Virginia Tech and Pardha Pyla from Bloomberg; Lulu … Continue reading

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Web Analysis Project

There are many ways to interpret a web site. Through user interfaces, design patterns, business achievements, and social acceptance, one can obtain a general and sufficient understanding of a web site and what it has to offer. I am developing … Continue reading

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Minimalist Window Top Design

I have been noticing recently that this generation of Window applications and Web applications have a very minimalist approach to what appears at the top of the window or page. Rather than take up valuable screen real estate with branding … Continue reading

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Disruption is the New Trend

The webcast on Scriptorium, Trends in Technical Communication, 2011 by Sarah O’Keefe of Scriptorium and Nicky Bleiel of ComponentOne is a great discussion starter. They were all over the place with ideas about what’s happening in the workplace. Here is … Continue reading

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Web Development IS UI Development

After looking at Gerry McGovern’s video about web writing being link writing, I felt compelled to go farther and say that he’s part of the way there. But he should say it even more strongly. Think about the web site … Continue reading

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