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Micro-Momentum and Designing Interaction

At a recent TriUXPA meeting, we listened to a recorded webinar by Stephen Anderson (thanks UIE) about Designing for Micro-moments. One of his themes was that interactions (as in user interaction with a web site or web application) is a … Continue reading

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Interactivity in Instruction

There are some key features to instructional design that are not in, say, documentation or support, and that’s what makes it interesting. I’m not a full-time instructional designer, but I have this idea that there is something fundamental that separates … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of an Information Team

The webinar program, An Evening with National Public Radio (NPR), hosted by the Potomac Valley Chapter of ASIS&T, touched on a few of the interesting challenges of information lifecycle management of an innovative media organization that produces and airs shows … Continue reading

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Surveying Online Surveys

This past month I took a few web-based surveys related to technical communication and information architecture. Each was relatively short, taking less than 20 minutes to complete, and each offered some insight into our profession. I don’t know if surveys … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Although it is a little early to talk about Spring, its not too early to talk about cleaning, as in cleaning out the old stuff and making room for new stuff or just making room for its own sake. You … Continue reading

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Information Architecture in 3-D

Information architects don’t primarily ‘architect’ information per se. We about planning, design and oversight of the construction of the environment in which users (human and otherwise) can deliver, access, use, and maintain (and otherwise interact with) information. It’s about optimizing … Continue reading

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Judgment Day in STC Competition Land

Yes, today was the last day for us judges (for the STC Carolina Chapter competition) to have our evaluation forms submitted. I got my forms in just in time and our team leader is probably glad that’s over with. I’m … Continue reading

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Ideas for Future Blog Posts

I have several ideas swirling but none are complete enough to write a decent blog post on their own with thorough enough treatment, so I offer an abbreviated mention of these ideas with the hope that in the next little … Continue reading

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Publishing and Communication

My brother emailed me about the upcoming O’Reilly conference (Publishing without Boundaries: What’s on the O’Reilly Radar for the Future of Publishing, presented by: Andrew Savikas, VP of Digital Initiatives, O’Reilly Media. My response: You might not know this but … Continue reading

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