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Content Stratification

Ever-Broadening Content Horizons In her recent blog post ‘Content strategy – a revolution?’, Betty Tew is just touching the tip of the iceberg (or, whatever the equivalent in a cloud metaphor would be). I like how she refers to “the … Continue reading

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Web Analysis Project

There are many ways to interpret a web site. Through user interfaces, design patterns, business achievements, and social acceptance, one can obtain a general and sufficient understanding of a web site and what it has to offer. I am developing … Continue reading

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Judgment Day in STC Competition Land

Yes, today was the last day for us judges (for the STC Carolina Chapter competition) to have our evaluation forms submitted. I got my forms in just in time and our team leader is probably glad that’s over with. I’m … Continue reading

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Beyond Paper Platform

As technical communicators, much of our effort is spent working with documents, which is the way information flows in many institutions, and often those documents are on paper. Much has been written about the paperless office as a goal that … Continue reading

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Email is NOT a Real Workflow Tool

Email has become the workflow tool of most people in the enterprise, but is too limited a tool to take on that task in the current enterprise. Continue reading

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