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Prototyping in 4D

After remembering veterans on November 11th, it was fun to join a group of fellow user experience professionals for a night out later in the week on a less solemn occasion. World Usability Day provided the opportunity to get together … Continue reading

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What better way to spend a lunch during the work week than at a fancy restaurant with colleagues who you respect and who respect you. TimelyText hosted a luncheon at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse that was well attended and quite enjoyable. … Continue reading

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SpeedCon 2014

What can I say? Some of the best friendships start as chance meetings. Some of the best works or best ideas come about from the least effort. And so it was at this weekend’s SpeedCon 2014; I so thoroughly enjoyed … Continue reading

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Easing – An Essential Skill

The most recent Refresh the Triangle Meetup was insightful, fun, and, well, refreshing. Once Upon a Timeline: HTML5/CSS3 tools for cross-platform interactive animations was an informative presentation with a happy ending. Adam Winsor (illustrator, animator, and visual storyteller) introduced us … Continue reading

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Micro-Momentum and Designing Interaction

At a recent TriUXPA meeting, we listened to a recorded webinar by Stephen Anderson (thanks UIE) about Designing for Micro-moments. One of his themes was that interactions (as in user interaction with a web site or web application) is a … Continue reading

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Extreme Judging

For a day of intense technical communication, comes the event of the year – STC Carolina Chapter Competition Judging. Last year, the chapter did a great job of taking a long drawn-out process of providing feedback on competition entries – … Continue reading

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Content Stratification

Ever-Broadening Content Horizons In her recent blog post ‘Content strategy – a revolution?’, Betty Tew is just touching the tip of the iceberg (or, whatever the equivalent in a cloud metaphor would be). I like how she refers to “the … Continue reading

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Designing is Getting Touchy

Introduction Last Thursday, I joined other local TriUPA members and listened to Josh Clark‘s webinar titled “Buttons are a Hack”. He ostensibly was trying to get us to do more with gestures and less with traditional windows controls, menus, and … Continue reading

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Profession Realignment

Today I’m comparing the list of program tracks at the STC Summit for 2011 and 2012. Notice the difference in names of tracks. Maybe that’s telling us something about the profession. Here are last year’s tracks (“Before”): Usability and Accessibility … Continue reading

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Technical Writing: The Secret Profession

Years ago, when I was getting started as a technical writer I did some ghost writing – an article here and there for engineers and sales people who needed placement in industry publications and didn’t have the time to write … Continue reading

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Profession in Search of a Metaphor

The challenge for technical communication is the same one that business schools face – there is no underlying discipline that already exists in the academy on which to build it. Engineers have physics, but engineering is not physics. Doctors have … Continue reading

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Interviews, Tests, and Technical Writers

There has been discussion of late about tests to give to technical writers during job interviews and it’s time for me to weigh in on this topic. But before I express my point of view, let’s see what other knowledgeable … Continue reading

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Surveying Online Surveys

This past month I took a few web-based surveys related to technical communication and information architecture. Each was relatively short, taking less than 20 minutes to complete, and each offered some insight into our profession. I don’t know if surveys … Continue reading

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How Social Can We Go?

Sometimes I am late to the party. For you those of you who are like me in that respect, I offer an introduction to some online social networking groups related to our profession. My apologies to those who for whom … Continue reading

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Top 10 Disruptions (NOT Trends)

The recent technological advances are not “emerging”, and they are not a “tectonic shift”. If we are going to use biological or geological metaphors, then they are “exploding”; they are “an earthquake”; they are disruptive and they are forcing a … Continue reading

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Disruption is the New Trend

The webcast on Scriptorium, Trends in Technical Communication, 2011 by Sarah O’Keefe of Scriptorium and Nicky Bleiel of ComponentOne is a great discussion starter. They were all over the place with ideas about what’s happening in the workplace. Here is … Continue reading

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