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Content Stratification

Ever-Broadening Content Horizons In her recent blog post ‘Content strategy – a revolution?’, Betty Tew is just touching the tip of the iceberg (or, whatever the equivalent in a cloud metaphor would be). I like how she refers to “the … Continue reading

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The Social Cut

There is an intriguing movie, The Final Cut, in which implantable chips record each person’s every sight, giving a veritable recorded history of that person’s life. (See Amazon or IMDB.) Of course not everyone has the chip which makes for … Continue reading

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Gauging Social Media

I know that social media is sort of a soft topic for some companies – especially if you are not dealing with the general public. But with the rise of mobile devices and expectations that information should be available with … Continue reading

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The Force of Salesforce

We have a great local Salesforce user group, the Raleigh User Group. Thanks to Deborah, Amber, Karen, Kelly and the rest for making it work! We had a great meeting today. Each time I go, there are more people … Continue reading

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How Social Can We Go?

Sometimes I am late to the party. For you those of you who are like me in that respect, I offer an introduction to some online social networking groups related to our profession. My apologies to those who for whom … Continue reading

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Top 10 Disruptions (NOT Trends)

The recent technological advances are not “emerging”, and they are not a “tectonic shift”. If we are going to use biological or geological metaphors, then they are “exploding”; they are “an earthquake”; they are disruptive and they are forcing a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to Avoid a Tech Comm Conference

Warning: There is some ranting in this post that may sound like STC bashing. I intend it solely as constructive criticism and fodder for brainstorming sessions for the benefit of the profession and of STC. Once again, Tom Johnson fulfills … Continue reading

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LinkedIn and Locked Down

I have found it helpful in my own professional networking to use LinkedIn and over the last few years I have developed my page on LinkedIn almost as my online resume. It is certainly the social media equivalent of a … Continue reading

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