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Affordances are not Afterthoughts

When we have a great event, such as the TriUXPA meeting tonight, we realize what great things collaboration can accomplish! Richard Phelps, the president of the chapter; the speakers, Rex Hartson from Virginia Tech and Pardha Pyla from Bloomberg; Lulu … Continue reading

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User Scenarios in Five Acts

This past month has been a flurry of activity with the design of a new Web application interface and I have to say there are challenges at many levels. I am working on a team that takes Agile processes seriously. … Continue reading

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User Participation Design

I’m getting tired of focusing on user interface design. At my work, lately, we have been using the car analogy – referring to the back end software as the engine (which does all the important work) and the user interface … Continue reading

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Context Strategy

Here are my Top 10 tips about how we talk about the design of the user experience. We often focus on the user interface and forget about the overall experience. For my work on Web applications, which are different from … Continue reading

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