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Here is a ten-class Bible study on the book of Revelation. This is available free of charge, as long as you give me credit, to be used for educational purposes. There is so much misunderstanding about the book of Revelation; I hope this gives adults a chance to understand its insights and see this wonderful book in a new way.

Here it is:
Time’s Up Bible Study

This ten-class Bible study of the book of Revelation began as material for a Sunday school class in which several lay Christians attempted to introduce the books of the New Testament. It followed a year of introductory teaching of the Bible that we called ‘Bible 101’ and during which we covered one book per Sunday. In my naïveté, I imagined that one could summarize the entire book of Revelation in a meaningful way in a ten-week course, and this is the result. It is a class developed from a hodge-podge of old Sunday school lessons, current scholarship, and hours of reading the Bible in prayer, by which I mean depending on God for answers and insight. While preparing for these classes, I began to understand that the book of Revelation was about God entering the world through the Church, in Christ and with the power of the Holy Spirit that changes peoples‘ lives; this was a very Biblical message indeed.

There is such an enormous need for an introduction to Revelation because people are either completely unaware of the great imagery in the book or they are blinded by terribly unhelpful impressions based on popular culture. My hope is that this study makes the central theme clear and real while displacing the inaccuracies. The multidimensionality of the imagery makes it one of the most interesting books in the Bible and there is no shortage of gospel message even in this most unlikely of places, but it is by no means an easy book to teach. The difficulty should not stop us from teaching this book because the rewards and insights far outweigh the effort.

The first time this class was taught, we had started during Epiphany and it seemed a good time to celebrate God coming into our world in a new and dramatic way, and we ended during Lent, which seemed so much more down to earth. Really, the book of Revelation spans both – there is imagery that speaks on many levels and there is a down-to-earth message at the core of reality. It is my hope that you will find it helpful either as a basis for self-study or as a format for leading a class.

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